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Final Program

Final Program

We are feverishly rendering video so that we can post it to the web for you all to see. Please check back tomorrow to see and share the video with friends and family. If your interested in purchasing a music cd follow the link below. They are 75% off while supplies last. 

Music CD


Day 5 Photos

Thursday Night Flyer

Thursday flyer

Show It

Here I Am

Day 4 Photos


If you have any questions or just want to leave feedback please send an email to Kevin Eckert at kevinstjohn@aeroinc.net . Kevin is the Director of Children & Youth Ministries at St. John United Church of Christ. He is also the Director of Technologies Ministry. Any feedback about this webpage or its content is always welcome.

Wednesday Night Flyer

Wednesday Flyer

Day 3 Photos

These images were taken by one of the students from the St. John UCC Helix Film School.

Jesus is the Rock

Tuesday Night Flyer

Tuesday Night Flyer

Mission Challenge

As of last night we have collected 150 items for F.A.C.C.. Our goal is to reach 500 pieces by Thursday. Tonight is Toilet Tuesday so bring in your toilet paper or wet wipe donations.

Day 2 Photos

Monday night flyer

Monday Flyer

living on the e.d.g.e. ( theme )

Day 1 Photos

Sunday Night Flyer

Sunday Flyer

VBS Prep

Camp E.d.g.e Mission Challenge

FACC Mission Challenge

VBS Staff dinner

We had our VBS staff dinner along with our final planning session. Thank you to all those who made the time to be with us. Your efforts are very much appreciated. A video of that session is available upon request. Contact Kevin at kevinstjohn@aeroinc.net

VBS Starts

July 19th and meets daily from 6pm - 8:30pm. VBS ends on July 23rd. Please bring soap and personal care items for F.A.C.C. Check back later for pictures and video of our Training Dinner. Also look here for daily newsletter and photo galleries.